A Story that questioned the odds of enterprise software industry's notion of solving real business problem & the answer that defined our very existence as a product in the over crowded space with our perspective on Why, What & How we built Prackr.


Not so long ago in late 2013, We (Me & Prajankya) started research firm RIG solutions that provided consultation & development of Next-Gen Tech solutions for enterprises in process automation, cloud & web apps space. We were largely successful with global clientele & solution architects for 30+ mega projects BUT...

When & Why

In early 2016, we started getting a series of large enterprise orders to configure their CRM setups. And their requirements, I would say was very similar to any other fast-growing customer-facing business. So, they wanted to automate processes, track sales, manage teams and had to handle customers relationship via various sources like calls, email, website, social media & more. So we ended up buying more tools, a BPM to automate workflows, a Helpdesk with cloud-telephony for sales & support interaction. And btw, all these had to be on premium plans for API access and then invest significant dev resources to integrate them.

At the end, we observed that it turned out to be a complex setup with hefty plans, CRM turned out to be a manual data dump yard, tracking teams for their progress was a hassle shuffling through different softwares for just simple report & on top of all, BPM never had customers inside the system, where they had to repetitively co-ordinate with the Helpdesk teams to get things done. And our hunch was expressed by one of our client which was trigger to step back and start looking at bigger picture for fundamental requirements without any pre-concived notions.

Email from one of our Client's Administrator, after we integrated CRM & other tools

What we did

So as a tech company that's when we realized that there has to be a better way to do this. So with our experience working for enterprise clients & first principle approach, we started building PRACKR with a new perspective as a customer collaboration tool that enables businesses to complete workflows transactions, customer redressals & recurring operations in a faster, structured & more efficient approach.

And in hindsight, We had cognitively ticked all the checkboxes required for a great start

  1. Deep market research over 6 months of shadowing our previous clients & taking to several new prospects from various domains, understanding their operations
  2. Bootstrapped with early Paid - Customers & 100+ valid prospect signups who could relate to pain-point we were trying to solve & liked our idea.
  3. Conceptualized, validated & Co-Created with Our Customers.
  4. Pooled Great team where all of us in common had entrepreneur bug, enterprise solutions background, love solving challenges, building stuff ground-up with utmost perfection & minds that find happiness in creating real value solutions for people around.
  5. Found a perfect 6 char ".com" domain in 2016 + a complimenting ".kr" (so could avoid bit.ly) for our product PRACKR - Performance Tracker
Our Team

A new approach to an age-old problem

At the core, we structured our solution to connect customers & staff on a single SaaS platform with a novel & robust approach of completing workflow cycles that are designed by the company's management team & every step goes thought acknowledgement, real-time updates with validation & Feedback. With this, Prackr as a platform enables this powerful work collab tool for B2C, C2B, C2G, C2C & more cases. And on top of which we started adding features that enhance the experience & transaction values like speed, control & fool-proof system.

Bold Step

To be frank, we were skeptical about competing with enterprise software behemoths but overtime from our user metrics realized that we weren't actually competing rather complementing to what they do the best. Now, our product has robust API to connect with them and acts as a workflow triggers &  we clearly saw a gap to define a new category of enterprise tools as CCM - Costumer Collaboration Management.

And ultimately, This approach of building an enterprise ecosystem for business, to enable their customers & staff with the right tools & single platform to complete workflow transitions seamlessly, has been constantly reassuring, proven unique & most efficient in multiple scenarios with our clients getting real value out of what we built.

Being a cloud-based horizontal SaaS product makes us highly scalable across the globe and domain agnostic. Our client teams have seen over 70% Boost in their productivity & completely moved over and I'm sure that if you try it, you will like it too. SignUp for Prackr biz account for Free (no credit card required). And check PRACKR prime to interact with companies whose products or services you use.